Pakistan cricket

The reason… cos its too bloody hard to spell their names. I take my hat off to Zulqanee… Zuleqau…. erm, the Pakistan wicket keeper who is better than Kamran Akmal, but who probably won’t play again for Pakistan because he stood up to match fixers. Imagine having the cricketing world at your feet at 24 and then being prepared to give it all away because of doing the right thing, especially when you’ve gone some bad ass gambling gangsters threatening to chop you and your family up when you don’t go along with them. Good luck and best wishes to Zulqarnain Haider. Hope it works out for you. He’d probably earn more money playing club cricket in England than test cricket for Pakistan.


In Melbourne Andy Murray took to the court as a proud Brit against Roger Federer, and later left it as a defeated Scot ;-), meanwhile, I was watching Australia v Pakistan ODI at the Waca. The result was immaterial.

I had just finished explaining to a rather lovely cricket loving South African lady why I wanted Pakistan to win – combination of Aussie enmity and my liking of Pakistan’s approach to batting and bowling – when Shahid Afridi indulged in a bit of ball tampering. The commentators got very excited by video of Afridi trying to eat the ball, which was then changed by the umpires.

Several overs later a member of the crowd rugby tackled one of the Pakistani fielders.

It’s all happening, and the ICC immediately banned him, Afridi that is, not the Aussie fan whose face is all over the Cricinfo.

Watch it for yourself:

T20 is all about talent, raw unadulterated talent. You want players that bat naturally, bowl with flair and field as well as they possibly can.

A team like Pakistan blows hot and cold. When they are cold they are poor and can fall very short. When they are good though, they are very, very good.

Teams like England include plays that are technically correct, but not necessarily the most naturally gifted. That is why Pakistan can come back from being stuffed by India in the warm-ups and stuffed by England in the first round, to breeze through the second stage and beat Sri Lanka at a canter in the final.

You wouldn’t back Shahid Afridi to bat for your life. But you know that on the right day, if the power is with him, he could play anyone off the park.

Fair play to him and congratulations Pakistan. Boom boom Afridi!