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Jimmy Anderson has just warned followers of his Twitter feed that “The Bangladesh Test Match in June could be the last ever at Old Trafford.”

This cannot happen.

Old Trafford has been the scene of some phenomenal test matches, thanks in part to a pitch that is condusive to exciting play.

Lancashire County Cricket Club is redeveloping Old Trafford to ensure it remains one of the leading grounds in the world, but can only afford to redevelop the ground with the involvement of Tesco.

I have therefore decided to do transfer all my supermarket shopping from Sainsburys to Tesco from this point forward. A quick calculation leads me to believe I spend around £5,000 a year on groceries and petrol. I reckon that, with luck, I have about 60 years left in me, meaning that is about £300,000 worth of spend I am potentially transferring.

If there is no Tesco involvement in Old Trafford I will go back to to the competition. Terry Leahy take note.

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A strange thing happened to me today. For half an hour, the County Championship became exciting, a competition worth winning. Lancashire needed less than fifty to win against Surrey and take first place, but with two wickets and less than 10 overs left. Lancashire had done valiantly to even get close to the 500-odd they needed to win the game. Lancashire scraped their way nearer to the title before, guttingly, Newby and then Cork were out, meaning that Surrey won by 24 runs and Sussex took top place. Bugger.

Oh, and who’d have predicted this? Pakistan and India to contest the Twenty20 final. Should be a humdinger.

What will you remember about England’s ODI cricket in 2007? Will it be England’s dreadful showing in the World Cup, where pedestrian starts from the top order left us lacking throughout the competition? For me, it will be Mal Loye slog-sweeping Brett Lee for sixes in the Commonwealth Bank series in Australia – a series which England won. So, when England need a player at the top of the order that can slap the world’s fastest bowlers around in the inaugural international Twenty20 tournament in South Africa next month they have chosen to ignore the dynamic Mal Loye. No wonder he is upset.

Big show Mal

So, Worcestershire has abandoned the Championship match against the world’s greatest county cricket club without a ball being bowled. A statement said: “Due to severe weather and a warning from the environment agency about the impending flooding of Worcestershire’s ground it has been decided to abandoned the County Championship match against Lancashire.”

Given that the ECB has ordered the game between Worcestershire and Kent to be replayed later in the season (a decision that Lancashire, Yorkshire and Hampshire have already registered their protest against)does this mean that the Lancashire match can be replayed?

There is a group on Facebook with 209 members (not much t’tinternet on Ilkley Moor) called I’m better than you because I’m from Yorkshire. In the words of the only decent Yorkshireman ever (Boycs), what roooooooobish! The only good thing that is better in Yerrrkshire than the mighty red rose county is the tea…. You want the proof? Here, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good win for the mighty Lancashire, especially when you consider we don’t have Flintoff, Cork, Mahmood, Chapple and Anderson playing.

What would Boycs say…..

“What’s going on, Lancashire thrashing Yorkshire? That’s good cricket that is. Yorkshire playing with bad technique, bad technique that is. Lancashire batsman could smash Yorkshire booolers with a stick of rhubarb! Yorkshire are rooooobish!”


Jim Cumbes, the Lancashire chief executive, has got a little hot under the collar following Michael Vaughan’s interview with The Guardian in which he admitted the Fred-alo incident did affect the team.

From reading the full interview, this seems to be a bit of a storm in a pedalo. Vaughan seems to have answered questions truthfully, without the usual under-carpet-sweeping associated with ECB interviews, its all been a bit hyped up in the press, and Cumbes (overeacting) has vented spleen…

“I think it is completely out of order, I think it’s despicable, I think it stinks against a guy (Flintoff) who has given blood for England these past three or four years,” Cumbes said. “He was the talisman in the Ashes series in 2005…this fella has given blood for England and I think it is appalling he’s been treated in this fashion.”

Chill out man!

Even as a Lancastrian, I’m with Vaughan on this one.

Cricket AM, Sky’s Saturday morning cricket show, returns to our screens on 26th May. Is it just me, or does anyone else consider this to be a poor relation to the fantastic Soccer AM show? I am a cricket man through and through, but much prefer the soccer version.

I do like the Throw Time feature, but find Ready Steady Freddie and the presence each week of a village side full of fat blokes and pie-chuckers (usually from a Surrey or Kent league) somewhat painful. Even more painful is David Lloyd embarrassing himself with that awful weather report feature. It is sad to see a great Lancastrian letting himself down in such a manner, I hope they are paying him well.

I just think that Soccer AM has a bit more quality about it, there are more amusing elements and I think the format works better for football. Perhaps the real difference is in the quality of the presenters. On Soccer AM Tim Lovejoy is hilarious, although I don’t enjoy his cooking show Something for the Weekend quite so much!

Cricket AM, no match for Lovejoy

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