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Full length version of the Iain O’Brien interview, as featured on Test Match Sofa:


OK, so the ‘interview’ we did with Graeme Smith was spoofed. This one, however, is completely, 100% genuine.

Iain O’Brien, former New Zealand fast bowler, has retired from the international game to move to the UK, build a life with his English wife, and play for Middlesex. The Village Cricketer had the great pleasure of interviewing Iain – interrupting him cooking some wholesome vegetable soup – for the first of Test Match Sofa’s new series of podcasts, which will be available tomorrow.

Subjects covered included his reasons for leaving NZ, the rising stars of NZ cricket, how the NZ side is shaping up, prospects for Middlesex, the fear of batting against quick bowling, the fear of bowling against Sehwag, bantering with Ricky Ponting and how international sportsmen will increasingly use new media to get closer to the common man.

So, please download the Test Match Sofa podcast, which includes a five minute version of the interview and a whole host of other witty banter and cricket chat.

To listen to the full 20 minute interview, use the following link: