The Village Cricketer is an average bat, a very average bowler, a poor slip fielder (although OK in the outfield), an occasional wicket keeper, and my one full season of captaincy resulted in bottom of the table relegation. I firmly believe that the world will benefit from some good, honest cricket commentary, provided from a grassroots perspectives. You can get in touch via the*village* (remove the asterisks) and follow at


22 Responses to “About The Village Cricketer”

  1. Angus Says:

    Hi. I love the site. What a refreshing perspective on cricket, particularly in light of how serious it has become of late. Keep up the great work.

    Montreal, Canada

  2. Hey Angus,

    Thanks for the kind words.


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  4. Bob Light Says:

    What’s you West indian cricketer name? If you’re not aware of this, like I wasn’t 5 mins ago… Take the surname of the American president when you were born as your first name, and the last English seaside resport you visited as a kid as your surname.


    Reagan Skegness… (RHB)

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  11. rishisb Says:

    Nice work!

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    Hey Nice Blog. But you Didnt update so\ince form almost 7 months

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  19. Sahir Says:


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