The 2006 Ashes test match in Adelaide was one of the most miserable I’ve ever watched. England batted themselves into a position of authority, with a century from Pietersen and a double from Collingwood, only to throw it away with a disasterous Warne inspired collapse on the final day.

This time round we didn’t make the same mistake. England took their chances, bowled and batted superbly, and ruthlessly annihilated an underperforming Australian team.

Australia don’t have McGrath and Warne anymore, but they have had four years to get used to that. England have gradually lost all of the Ashes winning attack of 2005, but strength in depth has enabled it to put in place a competitive bowling unit that has looked a cut above their Canary counterparts.

England won in Adelaide in a very Australian way. Big runs from a classy and in-form batting line up, penetrative bowling from a bowling attack offering pace, bounce, both kinds of swing and a top class spinner, backed up with very sharp fielding.

Australia have not played like an Australian side so far this series. It remains to be seen whether Ricky Ponting can inspire any kind of turn around.