Michael Clarke batted really well today, but Kevin Pietersen snared him with the last ball of the day. Turn, bounce, out!

England need to take six wickets tomorrow. Provided there are no interruptions from the weather, there will be plenty of overs to force the result, and England have a brand new cherry available tomorrow morning.

There is a possibility that Stuart Broad, who has a stomach strain, won’t be able to take it. That leaves the prospect of an Anderson/Finn new ball pairing. That would be an entertaining prospect.

Clarke has looked feeble against the short ball this series. A couple of early wickets with the new ball will leave England with an end open against the tail. Then Swann can do his thing. We might also see Pietersen bowl a few more overs too.

“You have to work hard to win test matches in Australia”, says Michael Atherton on Sky commentary. Too right.