Watching the highlights from today’s play at The Gabbatoir again. I am loving the passage of play when Hilfenhaus gets the ball to nip back to Jonathan Trott, who shoulders arms and is hit below the knee-roll close to off stump.

Aleem Dar says not out, to a look of sheer incredulity from the bowler. No-one on the fielding side can believe it hasn’t been given. So, Ricky Ponting signals for the third-umpire to have a look, using his third and possibly final review.

Michael Clark gives Hilfy a high-five, and the stump microphone clearly picks up him telling the bowler “you’ve got him, that’s definitely out”. Every Aussie on the park was convinced it was a wicket.

Hawkeye, however, reveals that the ball didn’t nip back enough to hit the stumps. Not only did that astonish and wipe a smug grin off many of the Aussies, it should make those of us who stand in the field and question umpires decisions every Saturday in club cricket realise that you can never be certain.