So, nothing over the summer. Sorry about that. Perhaps you never noticed. Was a busy one playing and having fun, and to be fair the cricket that followed the T20 World Cup win always seemed a bit low key and not worth talking about. I went to the Saturday of the Trent Bridge against Pakistan and had a good day. The there wasn’t really a contest, and the no-ball fixing stuff left me cold.

Things have, however, looked on the up recently. Some good ODI cricket, and the lure of the forthcoming Ashes series is exciting me.

It should be a cracker, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Finn and Broad bouncing Ponting in the tests with two men back for the skied catch. Have enjoyed watching the Sri Lanka v Australia highlights today, and also the fact that I’ve played against two out of the three Sky presenters covering the India v New Zealand test today.

Back in August 2003 I took the wicket of Matt Floyd when he was playing for Hampstead 3rds against the mighty Pheasant on a cabbage patch at the Civil Service sports grounds in Chiswick. In May 2007 I faced two balls against Iain O’Brien for Chesterfield at Queen’s Park. Naturally, we finished better than the oppo on both occasions. Robert Croft, you are next sunshine!