Oh deary deary me. Things are looking a bit tasty in Jo’berg and the South Africans will be licking their lips in anticipation of a roasted England served up with relish.

At one point today England could possibly have been contemplating a first innings deficit of just over 100, hopes were dashed by some terrific counterpunch batting, particularly from Mark Boucher. That, and England have already lost two wickets so far in their second innings.

Its easy to blame some of the umpiring. So I will. Darryl Harper again showed he has a huge amount to learn about TV umpiring, umpiring and probably life too. Giles Clark was in extraordinary form rattling on about it on Sky during the rain break, complaining about the authority of the umpire being undermined (yes Giles, but it will be when they are making shit decisions), demanding our review back and hinting that he won’t be allowing umpire reviews this summer in England.

Unfortunately, that is just a distraction.

The real business in hand is for England to bat long and hope the rain comes.