Jimmy Anderson has just warned followers of his Twitter feed that “The Bangladesh Test Match in June could be the last ever at Old Trafford.”

This cannot happen.

Old Trafford has been the scene of some phenomenal test matches, thanks in part to a pitch that is condusive to exciting play.

Lancashire County Cricket Club is redeveloping Old Trafford to ensure it remains one of the leading grounds in the world, but can only afford to redevelop the ground with the involvement of Tesco.

I have therefore decided to do transfer all my supermarket shopping from Sainsburys to Tesco from this point forward. A quick calculation leads me to believe I spend around £5,000 a year on groceries and petrol. I reckon that, with luck, I have about 60 years left in me, meaning that is about £300,000 worth of spend I am potentially transferring.

If there is no Tesco involvement in Old Trafford I will go back to to the competition. Terry Leahy take note.

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