When The Village Cricketer isn’t writing about cricket, I have a day job, that – at its basest level – involves persuading journalists to say good things about companies that pay me.

As part of this work I get to me a lot of journalists. A few years ago I met the business presenter from BBC Breakfast, and felt compelled to mention that I wasn’t hugely impressed with the level of cricket knowledge displayed by BBC Breakfast sports presenter, the same one that is currently banditing his way to the final with ‘Olachops’ on Strictly. Basically, either Chris doesn’t know a lot about cricket, or tries to over-simplify things for the 3,000,000 people that watch him in the morning.

BBC picks wrong winner in major event

What is certain, Test Match Special aside, the BBC doesn’t seem to understand cricket, and so instead gives it fleeting, uneducated mention. Tonight, it kind of proved it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m chuffed to bits that the England cricket team won team-of-the-year on the Sports Personality of the Year Awards. Problem is, I’m not sure it was the right England cricket team. Granted, winning the Ashes was a tremendous achievement. However, this was also a year in which England threw away a series it should have won in the West Indies, remains woeful at T20 and got a hell of a hiding of the Aussies in the ODI series following the Ashes.

Instead, England’s ladies cricket team should have got this one. It won the Ashes, the World Cup and the T20 World Cup inside a year, and they bothered to turn up for the event!

Mind you, Ryan Giggs got Sports Personality of the Year, and he doesn’t really have a personality. Surprises all round.