Good old Uncle Jrod. The Big Cheese of Cricket with Balls moved from Melbourne to London for three reasons:
1. The win the Bloggers’ Ashes
2. To watch Australia win the Ashes
3. To get married

Poor old Uncle Jrod. At least he managed to get married, and The Village Cricketer again offers him congratulations. Just a shame – for him – that the other two objectives went tits up.

Congratulations are also in order because he is publishing a book. ‘Ashes 2009: When Freddie Became Jesus’. Its available now from all good online book stores. Would make a good Christmas pressie for someone.

I’d tell you more, but Jrod writes so many posts I couldn’t find the one he must have written about the book, so you’ll have to wait until I review it. Jrod has promised to send me a copy to digest when he gets a few copies in. You’ll get to read about it here. I’m assuming there is a whole bunch of stuff about the Ashes – which we won – and hopefully some stuff about the Bloggers’ Ashes.

The boy from Patone has also contributed some words to the book, which means that there are two writers in the same book that I have beaten on a cricket field. However, I’ve not written a book, so I’d suggest you go and buy this one now.