From The Times:

Marylebone Cricket Club will consider selling the naming rights to Lord’s, the sport’s most famous ground, as part of a £400 million redevelopment revealed in The Times today.

The most radical scheme in the 195-year history of the home of cricket will see it transformed into a 21st-century super-stadium.

Vision for Lord’s, as the proposals are titled, will be funded partly by luxury flats around the periphery that estate agents estimate could sell for £1.2 million each. The redevelopment is designed to increase seating by about 7,500, create an underground cricket academy, a brasserie and a bigger museum.

Full article available here.

Not sure I like the idea of selling the rights to name Lord’s. Even ‘The Village Cricketer’s Lord’s Stadium’ is unpallatable, imagine – therefore – the horrendousness of ‘Lords, in association with Pepsi’, ‘Coca CoLords’ or ‘Lord’s, the home of cricket and KFC’.