November 2009

Good old Uncle Jrod. The Big Cheese of Cricket with Balls moved from Melbourne to London for three reasons:
1. The win the Bloggers’ Ashes
2. To watch Australia win the Ashes
3. To get married

Poor old Uncle Jrod. At least he managed to get married, and The Village Cricketer again offers him congratulations. Just a shame – for him – that the other two objectives went tits up.

Congratulations are also in order because he is publishing a book. ‘Ashes 2009: When Freddie Became Jesus’. Its available now from all good online book stores. Would make a good Christmas pressie for someone.

I’d tell you more, but Jrod writes so many posts I couldn’t find the one he must have written about the book, so you’ll have to wait until I review it. Jrod has promised to send me a copy to digest when he gets a few copies in. You’ll get to read about it here. I’m assuming there is a whole bunch of stuff about the Ashes – which we won – and hopefully some stuff about the Bloggers’ Ashes.

The boy from Patone has also contributed some words to the book, which means that there are two writers in the same book that I have beaten on a cricket field. However, I’ve not written a book, so I’d suggest you go and buy this one now.


2-1 with 1 to play. England have been surprisingly good in this ODI series. Anderson’s bowling in the last match was excellent indeed. He is a superb, polished performer these days and far better than the 21st place he currently occupies in the Reliance Mobile ICC ODI Championship Bowling Rankings.

It was fellow Northerner Paul Collingwood that has been catching the headlines.

A hundred in a winning cause (plus 80-odd in a losing one), a hundred ODI wickets and a hundred ODI catches. Add to that a record number of ODI appearances and it adds up to a phenomenal effort from the great Northern Ed Craig-alike.

The Saffas should love him. His simple way of playing the game is right at home there, and it is great to see him back on form again. Before this series he looked the most likely to step aside for Pietersen in the coming Test series. He must be inked in now.

From The Times:

Marylebone Cricket Club will consider selling the naming rights to Lord’s, the sport’s most famous ground, as part of a £400 million redevelopment revealed in The Times today.

The most radical scheme in the 195-year history of the home of cricket will see it transformed into a 21st-century super-stadium.

Vision for Lord’s, as the proposals are titled, will be funded partly by luxury flats around the periphery that estate agents estimate could sell for £1.2 million each. The redevelopment is designed to increase seating by about 7,500, create an underground cricket academy, a brasserie and a bigger museum.

Full article available here.

Not sure I like the idea of selling the rights to name Lord’s. Even ‘The Village Cricketer’s Lord’s Stadium’ is unpallatable, imagine – therefore – the horrendousness of ‘Lords, in association with Pepsi’, ‘Coca CoLords’ or ‘Lord’s, the home of cricket and KFC’.

I don’t watch Strictly Come Dancing. Well, not all the way through anyway. My bird Sky+’s it, and occasionally makes me watch Ricky from Holloaks, while I oggle some scantily clad nubile dancers shaking what their mommas gave em! Boo ya!

It is a show, however, that cricketers have done verl well at. Darren Gough and Mark Ramprakash both won it, I believe. This year Phil Tufnell didn’t. He is, however, a legend. I prefer him on Question of Sport anyway.

He had 11 good men. He marched them up to the top of the hill – burgled a 1 run Duckworth Lewis win – and then marched them down again.

And when they were up they were up, and when they were down they were down. And when they were down and being led by Captain Cook, they were truely horrendous.

Fair play to the Saffas, they gave it some absolute horn! Who is this new Loots Bosman player at the top of the order? He makes Smith look horrendously pedestrian. Yahooooooo indeed!

Seriously though, the way the Saffas batted the other day really exposed the frailities in the English bowling at present. Cook said his bowlers were slightly off hitting their marks. Problem is that the South African batsmen were not.

I’m back!

Paul Collingwood said in the post match interview that it was a shame the rain came and finished the T20 game. I’m guessing that he was pretty chuffed England were one run ahead when the rain started lashing down, because England were on the right side of a T20 game for once.

Morgan was a legend again. Crikey that boy can bat. And even Collingwood was on fire again. I’m not sure that I like the bowling attack, although it is fair that Sajid gets another go! Great result! Tremendous! Like it!