The piss poorest of piss poor Ashes news stories has developed to the extent that even BBC news is covering. This is bad, because it is a horrendously piss poor story that doesn’t deserve the time, space or thought wasted on it, and I’ve now fallen for it too.

Giles Clarke asked people to stop booing Ricky Ponting. Why? It doesn’t bother Ponting, and according to BBC radio it doesn’t bother Shane Watson either, and he is scared of the dark. Ponting, I would argue, does have “the respect and courtesy” of England fans (it’s the ex-Aussie players that don’t respect him). England fans know he is the Aussie’s best batsmen, which is why they boo him. So, Ricky, take it as a compliment, and he probably does, that is if he noticed it at all.

If Giles Clarke really wants to know about bad behaviour then he should perhaps visit the cheap seats at the Aussie grounds, and then he’d realise that Barmy Army antics and some good natured booing is nothing at all. But then he wouldn’t be anywhere near the cheap seats, he’d be in the royal box, out of sight, out of touch and ready to tell everyone to behave like he was taught to at prep school.