The England team returned to the United Kingdom yesterday after a two-day visit to Flanders Field in Belgium as part of their preparations for the forthcoming npower Ashes against Australia… The team also visited the Tyne Cot cemetery where more than 12,000 Allied soldiers are buried
OK, so, I’ve got no problems with England going to Flanders Field for team building, leadership and team ethics purposes, and I can only applaud the fact that they have gone to learn about the sacrifices made by a previous generation.
I do, however, get slightly uncomfortable about the trip being used for publicity purposes – being press released, webcast, photoshot and paraded for the media. But then again, having splashed out on sponsorship I suppose npower wouldn’t have been happy without it being used to promote its brand further.
Cricket is fantastic, but it is sport. WW1 claimed the lives of millions. The two are poles apart. No problems at all with England’s cricketers paying tribute and learning lessons, but it should have been done behind closed doors.