The Village Cricketer is fast becoming a convert to women’s cricket. Here’s a good reason why… Rosalie Birch.

Rosalie Birch, match fit!

Rosalie Birch, match fit!

Oh yes, despite not being amongst England’s T20 winning side (unlike Claire Taylor and Charlotte Edwards), this rather attractive young lady has gone straight to the top of The Village Cricketer’s list of favourite female players.

According to ESPN cricinfo, the 25 year old, who works for Sussex County Cricket Club, is a top order bat and off-spin bowler who studied linquistics at Loughborough.

She is currently looking more pleased than Athers did the other day to be stuck between Ian Ward and Nick Knight in the Sky commentary box.

So, Miss Birch, if you ever fancy a net do give us a shout, TVC would be more than happy to provide a few throw-downs to you!