Interestingly, what with two epic Anglo/Canary contests on the horizon (this and this), The Village Cricketer is getting pretty excited about the ICC Twenty20 Cup competition that commences later this week. While still a purist at heart, enjoying nothing more than a day out at a Lords test match, the prospect of a three weeks worth of wall-to-wall cricket on Sky TV mostly scheduled at times that fit around my work committments, is quite compelling.

I enjoy all forms of cricket, just like I enjoy all forms of food, however sometimes you want fine steak and sometimes you want a greasy burger. I spent five days at the SCG once, watching an England win, and that was amongst the most incredible experiences of my life, however I certainly cannot spare five days solely watching a test match right now, so I’m happy that I am being provided with the fast food option, and I’ll happily tuck unto a few quick and easily digestible snacks.

You couldn’t exist solely on fast food though, and you couldn’t exist solely on Twenty20. I’ll enjoy it during June and look forward to the 5* five course feast coming my way over the rest of the summer, although to be fair that will be sampled – mostly in the condensed highlighted variety.