Oh tragedy, well tragedy for the Windies. It was getting a little dark and John Dyson called the West Indian batsmen off the park. Dyson is still looking at his clipboard – with the Duckworth Lewis calculations on it. England are smiling and Bumble – fed with info from the Sky Sports statisticians – reckons that England have won.

The Windies have walked off while behind on Duckworth Lewis. The match referee is checking, but thinks England have won. Why is no-one sure? Javigal Srinath is the match referee. Dyson is pleading his case. Everyone is going inside to thrash it out. It certainly isn’t good for cricket.

The West Indian batsmen got pre-occupied with the weather and were desperate to get off the park. It looks like they got the numbers wrong, but we are still waiting to hear.

Why didn’t they just finish the match? We’d have finished by now. Big moment for John Dyson’s reputation in the game, claims Nasser Hussain on Sky. The England players are celebrating. Bumble announces that its official, England have won the game.

England have won by 1 run (D/L method). As for the West Indies, don’t trust a dumbass Aussie with dodgy glasses!