Thanks to Jrod for pointing out that the job description for post of “England Team Director” is available online. Take a look. Seems like rather a lot of obvious detail, and you’d like to think that any candidate good enough to do the job would have been known about already. Still, even at the ECB I guess that they have to keep HR happy and that no-one is immune to employment law.

For your benefit, rather than reading the entire 1,500 word ad, here are some edited highlights and thoughts:


Job Title: England Team Director
Job Type: Full-time
Location: Loughborough (quick trip down the M1 for me, far better than fighting my way into Nottingham)
Salary: Not disclosed (less than it would have been with Stanford millions)

The vision of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is to become and remain the most successful and respected cricket nation in the world. Good luck.

Applicants should have the following attributes:

· Strong disciplinary skills (got to keep KP and Fred in line)
· Excellent communication, interpersonal and influencing skills (please win lads, please win)
· Excellent media skills (“I know we got bowled out for 51, but we are taking positives from it”)