TVC is a little bemused by calls for Giles Clarke’s head over the whole Stanford-gate affair. Clarke has certainly got egg on his face from his dealing with Stanford, but I think it goes a bit far to expect him to lose his job too for embracing a potential sponsor?

It is no secret that the traditionalists don’t like the fact that Stanford is a loud, brash Texan, who flaunted his money, flew a helicopter into Lords and did not show due deference to the stuffed shirts. Wisden, the MCC and certainly the Leicestershire chief exec (who couldn’t get on TV quick enough to pronounce the entire matter an absolute disgrace, sack the board) must be delighted to be able to say ‘I told you so’ and that lairy Americans that bounce WAGS on their knees and don’t understand the subtleties of the longer form have no part to play in the English game.

English cricket (like other nations and other sports) is dependent on sponsorship and Stanford provided what – until recently – looked like a good source. Clarke would have been neglecting his duties not to explore the opportunities on offer, no matter how unpalatable the individual offering that sponsorship. I’m no great fan of the ECB, however as far as I see it Clarke only did what is part of his job, that of seeking sponsorship to help fund and grow the game.

Stanford might be proved a crook and the US courts will decide whether that is the case. The ECB has suspended negotiations after it transpired that there is a case for Stanford to answer. Not sure what more is expect from the ECB?