I love this. Not only has England racked up a sizeable first innings score at the Antigua Recreation Ground (and I am very much loving Chicky’s disco between overs), it is very apparant that England and the West Indies have been reduced to playing village cricket.

My reasoning? Only the true village cricketer will be able to discuss the trials and tribulations of playing cricket on what – in the winter – is a football pitch.

Yes, normally we only have to deal with a bobbly outfield, sometimes having to move the goal posts, and muddy goalmouths after a wet April. In the West Indies, on the other hand, the actually allow the football players to play on the square.

In fact, at this very moment in time, Freddie is steaming in, trying to pitch the ball on what was the line of the centre circle. This, it appears, to cause the ball to shoot along the floor… or shoot off a length.

Proper village, proper cricket, great fun. Faaaaaaaaaantastic.