So the Canaries have finally found a team they may enjoy an even contest with, well even-ish, provided the Kiwis don’t play too well.

But that isn’t what this post is about. I’ve just heard something on the Channel Nine (relayed via Sky) commentary that suggested to me that Richie Benaud is either even more of a complete cricketing genius than I thought possible for even him, or that dear old Rich might be suffering from some Mark Nicholas-esque Dave Warner induced hyperbole (please note that this word is not pronounced hyper-bowl, for the benefit of Wrencharoo).

Anyhow, Tubby Taylor, Gilly Gilchrist and Richie Richie were discussing which of the part-time bowlers Ponting could call on to fill the fifth bowler slot. Michael Clarke and both Hussey brothers were suggested, before Taylor said that Warner might be worth a go.

Richie muses somthing along the lines of: “Yes, I’ve seen a photograph of him bowling leg spin. Looked like he might have a nice action too.”

Is it possible to make a sound judgement of a bowling action from one still frame, or is Richie getting rather too excited by the Aussie’s great white hope?

Oh, and the Kiwis are 3/63 chasing 182. Grant Elliot, he of the falling over Sideshow Bob fame, has just blocked six in a row from the Pup, he of boning the “where the bloody hell are you?” tasty Aussie model fame.