Charity cricket match in aid of the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign
The Village Cricketer’s English All Stars v Cricket with Balls Aussie Code of Conduct XI
Monday 29th June 2009, 3.30pm start
Barnes Cricket Club, Lonsdale Road, London SW13 9QL

International blogging pride at stake

Cricket can be a brutal sport at times; I’ve been called the worst names under the sun, by Australians in Weybridge and Englishmen in Denby, Heanor, Southgate, and some even more dreadful places. I have been hit on the head numerous times, broken bones, had my fingers, arms, legs, and ego bruised on numerous occasions. I have seen unpleasent sites in the showers, have changed beneath the M40, shivered on the side of a hill in Sheffield, seen legs broken on a Maltese outfield, laughed as a team-mate ran into a hockey goal positioned on the outfield, witnessed an overseas pro dig his finger nails into a new ball in a beer match. Cricket can be brutal, it can be unkind, it can be ugly…

…it can also, however, be a thing of beauty, kindness and joy. It can also be a force for good. And that is why, shortly before the Ashes series starts in the summer of 2009, The Village Cricketer has joined forces with Jrod, big cheese of Canary Yellow blog Cricket with Balls.

On Monday 29th June 2009, the great and good of the English and Australian cricket worlds will gather at Barnes CC, London, for a charity cricket match held to raise awareness of and funds for the Everyman male cancer campaign, part of the Institute of Cancer Research.

In the white corner – representing England, St George and warm beer – is The Village Cricketer’s English All Stars, a team of hugely talented, exciting and above all modest Englishmen. In the other white corner – representing Australia – is the Cricket with Balls Aussie Code of Conduct XI, a team descended from convicts and colonists.

The Village Cricketer is currently looking to recruit its team, you can volunteer via the comments. Priority will be given to those that can (a) donate the most amount of cash, or (b) help raise the profile of this very worthy cause, or (c) help us give those pesky Aussies a right good thumping!

More details will be posted soon. However, you can support us and help make a difference in the fight against cancer by making a donation here.