Ah Corky… Thomas Rooney’s article provides some colour around his career to date, and why Thomas thinks he’ll be a success at Hampshire. I’d be inclined to agree, a shrewd move by Hampshire.

As a Lancastrian, who was brought up in Derbyshire, who studied in Stoke, and who witnessed Corky’s last test match against India, I have always been a bit of a fan. He may have been (according to Boyc’s) a “show pony“, but I’m fairly sure those that pay for tickets like a bit of a show.

There are those round the Derbyshire scene who tell of a man who sledged his own teammates as much as the opposition (more in some cases, as Tim Tweats might well know), who when he was Captain allegedly cancelled first team nets as they clashed with his wife’s shopping day, and who – it has been suggested – may have chucked his bouncer on occasion.

He may not be the nicest bloke to play against (or even with), however he is a larger than life character, an entertainer, who has had some notable successes on the world stage. His bit on Cricket AM may be horrendous, but Hampshire will benefit from his presence for a couple of years. I’d also put money on him appearing on Stictly Come Dancing before too long!