Gentlemen, after one victory against South Africa, Kevin Pietersen believes England can win the Ashes next summer. The Village Cricketer is not so sure, however, it does remind me that the Canary Yellows are in England in 2009, and it seems as though a challenge is in order.

Soooo, here is an open invitation to the Aussie cricket bloggers. If you are touring England for the Ashes next summer and can find 11 sober colonists, The Village Cricketer will field 11 true Englishmen (maybe a Saffa and a bloke from Grimsby via Melbourne too, plus a sub fielder to really get up your noses) in an exhibition match.

We can sort minor details like a date and venue once the challenge has been accepted. To accept, please leave a comment stating your credentials.

If you would like to be considered for selection for the The Village Cricketer’s XI, please also do so in the form of a comment.