July 2008

Beefy’s joust admitted on Sky that he knows nothing about Darren Pattinson. That makes two of us! He has, however, just leapt above Hoggard, Harmison, Jones, and a host of other bowlers that would have considered themselves to be in line for a test recall at some stage.

Simon Briggs in the Telegraph provides more details, although evens Pattinson’s club coach was not particularly praising: “You’d think there would be young guys over there who’d get looked at ahead of ‘Patto’.”


Incredible that this could happen at all, even more so in the professional ranks, however reports are circulating that Yorkshire County Cricket Club is facing allegations that they fielded an ineligible player during the group stage of the Twenty20 Cup.

According to Sky Sports, Azeem Rafiq is alleged not to hold a British passport, and as such was not properly registered to play in the game against Nottinghamshire.

The Press Association is another source to read.

Bizarrely, this all came to the fore while a shed load of Geordies were waiting to watch the Durham v Yorkshire Twenty20 Cup quarter final at the Riverside this evening. Proper village.