June 2008

Great match today, but a real shame the Kiwis won. There was a great deal of fuss about the run-out of Grant Elliott, who collided with Sidebottom going for a quick single. You can read about that on Cricinfo.

The Kiwis got all self-righteous, jumping up and down about the “spirit of cricket”, and kicking up a real stink. Daniel Vettori was apologetic about his team’s behaviour, after Collingwood said he may have made a mistake not calling Elliott back. I’m not sure Vettori would have been diplomatic had his side lost.

What got me though, was that it was not long ago that the Kiwis were completely unapologetic when Brendon McCullum ran out Muralitharan when he left his ground to congratulate Kumar Sangakkara on making a hundred. On that occasion Kiwi captain Stephen Fleming said he was happy with McCullum’s actions. It is somewhat hypocritical for them to kick up so much fuss about today’s happenings.

Seems like one-way-streets exist on both sides of the Tasman Sea.

The offending event:


The furore that has accomapanied Kevin Pietersen’s bankhanded slapping of Scott Styris’s bowling has been incredible, with usually sane commentators jumping up and down and complaining about how it just isn’t cricket!

You have to take you hat of to KP, he slogged it further left-handed than any of the left-handers in the same game did, and caused the kind of giddiness that Ronnie O’Sullivan did when he used to switch hands to take the mickey on the snooker table.

The skill level to do this is phenomenal, and KP is probably the only bloke in world cricket that can do it, however there are loads of batsmen that also change hands to play the reverse sweep.  Also, noone suggested changing laws when Paul Nixon hit Murali for six.

Had he hit the shot for 2, or been dismissed playing it, noone would have started suggesting law changes. Richard Williams in The Guardian is suggesting changing the LBW law.

I’m not sure any law change is required, however I suppose if there had to be one to “even things up”, the only logical one would be to amend the wide rule so that if the batsman does “go lefty” he should be considered to have two “off” stumps. What was his leg stump becomes his, as a left-hander, off stump too. This would mean that the bowler could attempt to bowl wider of that stump and not be forced to bowl into the batsman’s arc.

Big up to the MCC for not being railroaded into snap decisions by the world’s press!