It feels like I’ve been watching the second leg of a Champions League game today – so soon has it come after the winter trip to the land of the long white cloud. I like the Kiwis, but they will be pushing the proverbial up a hill as this Kiwi side that has even less class about it than the last time. New Zealand and Brendon McCullum are about as close to a one man international side as it gets, and if the Kiwis are going to have chance of winning any Tests in England this summer they’ll need Oram, Vettori and Martin to be on absolute top form to make up for the rest. I hope someone surprises me, or it’ll be a very one sided series.

England need to find top form against the Kiwis and gain maximum confidence by dishing out a drubbing before going into the series against the Saffas. That’ll be a far stiffer challenge.