March 2008

Tremendous, England won the test series. 2-1 represents a decent comeback against a Kiwi side which wasn’t consistent enough over 15 days of test cricket, and which (for one reason and another) fielded some fairly poor players. The loss of Fleming to NZ is huge, and makes the already big hole in their top order so big that it would take a dozen Jesse Ryders to fill. The Kiwis have some exciting players, but they can’t rely continually on Macullum, Oram and Vettori to carry the ship. Ross Taylor and Tim Southee look the real deal, but that is only half a side, and they’ll struggle in England. The Saffas will be a much bigger test this summer.

England on the other hand can take heart from coming from behind to win, and I am impressed that they were prepared to bin the woeful Harmison (possibly permanently) following the first test. He has underperformed for too long and I would rather England stuck with Broad rather than harking back to Harmy’s glory days in the West Indies. Hoggard could come back, he hasn’t continually been underprepared for the start of every series.


Apologies for a lack of blog activity of late. TVC has been enjoying a week away in South Wales and have been unable to watch cricket or get on a PC. And what a difference a week makes. England were dreadful in the first test and got a deserved drubbing. Glad to see the boys putting up a better show in the second. Unless the Kiwis pull a miracle out of the bag then the series will go to the final test a tie. Then class will tell, and I am still sticking to my guns that England has more class than the Kiwis. Mind you, I wouldn’t bet my house on England winning the series 2-1.

Marvellous. The Canary Yellows have just been beaten in the second ODI final by India, and consequently lose their second Commonwealth Bank series in a row. Another example of peaking at the wrong time methinks 😉

The most outstanding moment from today’s match featured Andrew Symonds putting a streaker on his backside. Got him, yes! Clip below features commentary from the Channel 9 team, listen to Mark Nicholas state that you “can’t take your eyes off a single ball”, and Richie Benaud’s dry retort.