Being known as a cricket fan means that you often receive cricket related entertainment gifts. ‘Hidden Ashes’ is great, and who can forget Rory Bremner’s ‘Creased Up’, so I was particularly excited to receive a copy of ‘Monty’s Cricket Madness’ for my birthday.

The concept is interesting, very much along the lines of ‘100 greatest… whatevers’ that you see on Channel 4 on a Sunday evening. Monty Panesar introduces you to 30 moments of cricketing madness (the majority of which were rather obvious), which are then commented on by a panel of ‘experts’.

The experts are a funny bunch actually. Happy to accept Tuffers as one, Henry Blofeld is good value, Simon Hughes is tolerable, and it was nice to see Sid Laurence again, even though I did lose some respect for him when I was once informed by a chap from Devon that big Sid was a bit of a nasty piece of work when he played in the local leagues. Ronnie Irani, seemingly intent on doing a Peter Kay impression throughout, was surprising, although not as surprising as the choice of Mr and Mrs Barmyarmy (“oi larffed so ‘ard oi nearly pissed moiyself”).

But what nearly made by blood nearly boil, was the choice of Matt Smith, a “sports presenter”, as the final expert. Even the bearded bloke from Cold Feet would have been a better bet. Matt, apparently one of “ITV’s most promising young broadcasters”, was a dreadful choice. Inane comments and a blatant lack of cricketing knowledge show that Matt is better suited to presenting Football Fever and snooker.

Nevertherless, was good to see big Dev run through the Saffas again, Shane Warne dropping Pietersen at The Oval and David Hughes scoring 24 off an over in the dark.

Oh, and the number one most mad moment in cricketing history was this: