When the FT chooses to comment on cricket, it tends to do it thoughtfully and only when there is real need. Sundeep Tucker’s article today outlines the issues underlying Monkeygate and other fallout from the current Australia v India series.

Some highlights:

Something unexpected happened in Australia. Far from showering one-eyed praise on the team for achieving a world record-equalling 16th successive Test match victory, fans and former players have lined up to excoriate the side for being bad sports. Newspaper polls showed overwhelming disgust at the Australian team’s conduct, while cricket writers have demanded Ricky Ponting be sacked as captain.

India, perversely, has witnessed an outpouring of ugly nationalism, with effigies of the match umpires publicly torched to satisfy a baying 24-hour media. The public wants the team to abort the tour, claiming that the nation is being humiliated. For this, the BCCI must shoulder the blame.