…but words are likely to result in a three match ban!

Yep, first the Canary Yellow’s complain that Harbhajan Singh called Andrew Symonds a “monkey” (I called my son a “cheeky monkey” this morning, does that mean I’ll have to miss nets for a month?). And now the Indians have hit back, accusing Brad Hogg of making an offensive remark to Anil Kumble and Mahendra Singh Dhoni during India’s second innings.

Racism should be condemned, and has no part to play in society, but it is interesting that it is the Canary Yellow’s getting upset about a few words. I do remember once being called a c**t six times in an over by a particularly articulate Aussie pro during a pre-season friendly a couple of years back, and the likes of Merv Hughes and Glen McGrath were infamous for their use of cunning linguistics! You’d have thought it would be best to let things lie in the field of play.

Allan Border and Steve Waugh have suggested that cultural misunderstandings could have contributed to the race row boiling over to the point of India suspending their tour. I would suggest that it is more likely to be a lack of culture causing most of the problems in Australia!