So Steve Bucknor has been removed as a standing umpire from the Perth Test because the Indians got pissy that he made some bad decisions in the last Test. OK, he got one or two wrong, and that may well have cost India the match, however the fallibility of sporting officials is for better or worse part of the game. Players make mistakes and umpires make mistakes. It happens, get over it. What I find hugely worrying is the ability of the BCCI to kick up a stink and get Bucknor – one of the world’s best and most respected umpires – effectively suspended for a match. Pakistan did the same in 2006. When they refused to take to the field and forfeited the Test against England (the lost coverage of which I have never been recompensed for by Sky) it resulted in the end of Darryl Hair’s career.

You get it drummed into you as a kid, the umpire’s word is final. He is the arbiter. I’m sure the Indians are most upset that Bucknor got some decisions wrong. However, they, like every cricket side, appeal vociferously for everything they can, put pressure on the umpires to make decisions in their favour (even though at times they know it to be wrong). If you are going to do that, you need to be more relaxed about it when decisions don’t go in your favour. To use some clichés: its swings and roundabouts, it all evens up in the end, you win some you lose some!

The ICC is in danger of appearing to be a cowardly and feckless organisation that doesn’t operate for the best of the game, only to safeguard itself and its revenues. It needs to grow some teeth and use them before the game dances entirely to the tune of those with the biggest wallet.