Major hat tip to the legendary Bob Light (aka Reagan Skegness), who has alerted me to the preferred method of discovering one’s West Indian cricketer name.

Apparently, one needs to take the surname of the sitting American president at the time of your birth as your first name, and the last English seaside resport you visited as as your surname.

That would make me Carter Torquay. Such a player would hit the ball miles and bowl at 100 mph, despite having had several rum and cokes and some Red Stripe on me boat (pronounced “boe-att”) the night before, and danced until dawn.

Reifer - his fire is not extinguished

Speaking of West Indian cricketers, the great Floyd Lamonte Reifer (in tribute to whom the Keele Reefer Association flies its flag) believes he can regain selection for the West Indies team, especially for one-day internationals.

Between 1997 and 1999 he appeared in four Tests and two one-dayers with little success and has not been considered since.

According to Cricinfo, Reifer believes his next chance to impress the West Indies selectors will come in the Carib Beer Series when the Combined Campuses and College make their debut early next year.

“I will be looking to score heavily and make a statement,” he said. “In the KFC Cup I played one of my best innings and that told me how much I had left in me.”