Is it me, or is the Indian cricket team changed in attitude of late? India has always been a side of supremely talented cricketers, and once Ganguly took over the captaincy, they also seemed to add to that in some way with attitude. The addition of some serious back-bone made them less beatable away from home, and much more competitive.

However, have they gone too far? I am not usually one to back up the Australians, however some of the scenes in the match yesterday were more spicy than a dodgy backstreet tindaloo. The cricket should be the main attraction, not the childish antics of certain Indian players. Other sides are not competely innocent here, and a bit of attitude can make things interesting, however, this bad “I’m bigger than the game” behaviour seems to be a more common theme with India at the moment – and India’s media agrees.

Fair play to Dhoni and Dravid, who stepped in to calm matters down. I can’t help thinking that they must be tired of those hotheaded teammates of theirs that behave more like spoilt Premiership footballers than respected International cricketers. Have lavish celebrity lifestyles and the adoration of millions caused the likes of Harbhajan and Sreesanth to become so arrogant that they risk shaming India’s proud cricketing reputation?