Not one usually to delve into local cricketing matters, and definitely not one to big up a club side I don’t play for, however TVC was struck by a remarkable batting performance by Saeed Bin Nasir, who scored 256 out of Pilsley’s 368 for 2 in 46 overs against Denby’s 2nd XI.

Saeed is, according to Cricinfo, “a middle-order batsman who has been knocking on the doors of national selection for a while, has played first-class cricket for the last six seasons. He has toured with the Pakistan A team as well, but has been in search of an outstanding season which would catapult him into the national team. He was included in the squad for the first two Tests against Bangladesh in 2003-04, but failed to break into the final XI.”

Now, even for a man with fine first class and list A credentials, that is still some going. Even if he had batted all 46 overs, he still needed to personally score at rate approaching six runs an over, and given that one of his teammates scored 90-odd as well, he must have spent a fair proportion of the time at the non-striker’s end. Also, be aware that although Pilsley is a village, this cricket is certainly not! It is only two divisions down from Derbyshire Premier League, and is a division which also features the likes of Rajesh Ramesh (Karachi and Pakistan A) for Ambergate, Iain O’Brien (Wellington and New Zealand) for South Wingfield and Nilantha Cooray (Moors Sports Club and Sri Lanka A) for Darley Dale.

Take a look at his stats as Pilsley’s pro, which at the time of writing have not been updated to include the 256. There can’t be many better signings as a pro in English club cricket this season.

Big runs for Bin Nasir