While NatWest has gone down the educational front to promote its cricket sponsorship, npower has gone for the tried and trusted lust factor. Please allow me to introduce Hayley, Michaela and Sally, a “bunch of smart, sassy lasses who know their googlies from their doosras.”

Don’t be fooled into thinking they are just eye-candy though. No, they have demanding work to do too. During the Tests, they keep thirsty photographers well watered, distribute 4 and 6 cards to the crowds and help everyone get behind the England boys – and spur them on to victory.

This month’s Girl of the Month, Hayley, dislikes queuing and people who moan and has a problem with “the team’s performance at the moment”. She likes to relax with a hot bath and an early night. Saucey minx.

The site also includes fancy dress pics and insight from Fat Gatt.

npower dolly bird