There is a group on Facebook with 209 members (not much t’tinternet on Ilkley Moor) called I’m better than you because I’m from Yorkshire. In the words of the only decent Yorkshireman ever (Boycs), what roooooooobish! The only good thing that is better in Yerrrkshire than the mighty red rose county is the tea…. You want the proof? Here, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good win for the mighty Lancashire, especially when you consider we don’t have Flintoff, Cork, Mahmood, Chapple and Anderson playing.

What would Boycs say…..

“What’s going on, Lancashire thrashing Yorkshire? That’s good cricket that is. Yorkshire playing with bad technique, bad technique that is. Lancashire batsman could smash Yorkshire booolers with a stick of rhubarb! Yorkshire are rooooobish!”