It most certainly is not! It is baseball. There have been much ructions and debate from the other side of t’pond concerning Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) of the New York Yankees, who managed to turn a likely catch and dismissal into three runs for his batting side by calling “mine” when running past the fielder waiting under the high ball.

This has caused a right rumpus, with many sepos calling into question whether this was fair or not. John Branch wrote in the New York Times that “the play further blurred the line between what is fair or foul in the unwritten code of baseball”.

In cricket, had the umpire seen and heard the incident, it is likely the player would have been dismissed for obstructing the field, “Either batsman is out Obstructing the field if he wilfully obstructs or distracts the opposing side by word or action”. A similar ruling applies in baseball, the wording though, “hinders a fielder attempting to make a play on a batted ball”, provides a grey area around a shout from the batter.

What got me about the incident, other than the blatant cheating (perhaps the American way though) was A-Rod’s press interview after the game in which he blatantly lied (see the second Youtube clip below).

The greyest area in cricket is that of walking/not-walking. However, if you do nick it behind and don’t walk, I much prefer the Mike Hussey approach of admitting he nicked it, (Jimmy Anderson: “I know he nicked it, he told me”) rather than the all-American apple lie!