Apparently the ECB are not very happy with Ireland and Scotland, who have managed to attract India, Pakistan and South Africa to play some ODIs in June and July. It hase been reported that the ECB (should well be called the English Cash Board) may chuck the Scots and the Irish out of England’s domestic one-day competition due to their staging of “offshore” tournaments which, the ECB say, “could dilute moneys coming into the game”.

The ECB is concerned that it will lose its monopoly on broadcasting international cricket during the northern hemisphere summer. It fears an impact on the TV contracts it sells itself (and we have already established that the ECB is more interested in the amount of money it earns from TV, rather than ensuring that ordinary Joe Public gets to enjoy international cricket on free TV). Instead of supporting the likes of Ireland and Scotland, they are getting all big brother about it.

Simon Briggs writes about the issue in today’s Telegraph:

The heart of the matter is that ESPN Star have paid the ECB handsomely for the right to broadcast all their international cricket into the Asian market. This was supposed to be a monopoly deal. So if Zee TV start running their own programming from the rest of the British Isles, the value of the next TV deal is likely to fall.

Money rules cricket