OK, I am going to tread very carefully with this one. The ‘Wasi Acrim XI?’ (geddit? Third Man fans will) is a side made up of cricketers that have been jailed, charged or alleged to have committed a criminal offence. The Village Cricketer has based this side on reports from mainstream and cricketing media, and makes no asertions whatsover to the guilt or innocence of these players. Some have been convicted, others have had convictions overturned on appeal, and one or two were only arrested or charged. One thing is for sure though – you would be very careful sledging a number of them!

(Note: I got as far as identifying 10 likely lads before I noticed Cricinfo has already done this! See its side here.)

Geoffrey Boycott: One of the finest ever batsman to play for England, Boycs was given a three-month suspended sentence and fined 50,000 francs (£5,100) by a French court in January 1998 for assaulting his former girlfriend. Geoffrey stated that “I am not guilty of hitting Margaret Moore and hope that the public have come to realise this.”

Navjot Singh Sidhu: On 1st December 2006, this former India big-hitting opener-turned-commentator, was found guilty of culpable homicide and handed a three-year suspended sentence. India’s Supreme Court later stayed the conviction.

Wayne Larkins: The former England batsman was spared a jail sentence last year after pleading guilty to deception. According to Cricinfo, Larkins and his partner, Deborah Lines, attempted to secure a mortgage against the house of her sick father – Robert Adams – but she had forged her father’s signature, claiming she and Larkins owned the property.

Mark Vermeulen: The Zimbabwean batsman, who scored a test century against the West Indies, is due to stand trial in Harare for arson after he allegedly set fire to the Zimbabwe Cricket Academy building. The trial has been postponed on a number of occasions due to inadequate medical reports being available.

Runako Morton: In 2004 Runako Morton was arrested and charged with stabbling his cousin in the chest following a family dispute. He was later reprimanded after admitting his guilt.

Hansie Cronje: In 2000, the former South African captain found himself at the centre of one of the biggest scandals ever to rock the cricketing world. After an investigation into match fixing by the New Delhi Police, Hansie was granted immunity from prosecution and admitted taking bribes from bookmakers to provide information and fix matches.

Ian Harvey: Harvey is currently trying to obtain British citizenship, which would enable Derbyshire to play yet more overseas born players. Unfortunately for the Freak and the United Nations (Derbyshire) the Home Office has delayed approving his application after he pleaded guilty to drink-driving.

Ted Pooley: Acccording to Cricinfo, Ted Pooley should have been England’s wicketkeeper in the first ever Test in March 1877, but as the game started he was still languishing in a Christchurch prison after being arrested in connection in an early-day betting scandal.

Maninder Singh: Former Indian left-arm spinner, played 35 Tests for India between 1982 and 1993. Was granted bail on 23rd May 2007 by a Delhi court for allegedly being in possession of 1.5 grammes of cocane.

Makhaya Ntini: In 1999 the South African fast bowler was charged and initially found guilty of raping a 21-year-old student after giving her a ride in his car. He steadfastly maintained his innocence and was subsequently acquitted on appeal.

Leslie Hylton: Leslie George Hylton played for the West Indies on six occasions in the 1930s, taking 16 wickets at an average of 26.12. In 1955 he was hanged for the murder of his wife, his defence was that he was trying to shoot himself but missed, although this was undermined when police found she had been shot seven times.