Cricket AM, Sky’s Saturday morning cricket show, returns to our screens on 26th May. Is it just me, or does anyone else consider this to be a poor relation to the fantastic Soccer AM show? I am a cricket man through and through, but much prefer the soccer version.

I do like the Throw Time feature, but find Ready Steady Freddie and the presence each week of a village side full of fat blokes and pie-chuckers (usually from a Surrey or Kent league) somewhat painful. Even more painful is David Lloyd embarrassing himself with that awful weather report feature. It is sad to see a great Lancastrian letting himself down in such a manner, I hope they are paying him well.

I just think that Soccer AM has a bit more quality about it, there are more amusing elements and I think the format works better for football. Perhaps the real difference is in the quality of the presenters. On Soccer AM Tim Lovejoy is hilarious, although I don’t enjoy his cooking show Something for the Weekend quite so much!

Cricket AM, no match for Lovejoy