TVC does not usually stray into the realm of politics, however given the news that the Australian government has ordered the country’s cricket team not to tour Zimbabwe in September, and that the New Zealand government is understood to be rethinking its position on sporting tours to Zimbabwe too, it got me thinking about the World Cup situation on 2003 when between them the ICC, ECB and UK goverment managed to look incredibly stupid on the issue as to whether England should travel to Zimbabwe to play a match. The ECB dithered and dallied because it did not wish to risk losing cash from a forthcoming tour, and Tony Blair decided to pass the buck, saying that “the government’s position is clear: the decision on whether England should play in Zimbabwe rests with the England and Wales Cricket Board”. Rather than doing anything meaningful, the foreign affairs select committee decided to hold another inquiry into British policy on Zimbabwe. I suppose at the time Tony was rather busy deciding what to do with Saddam Hussain, perhaps the ECB should have told him there were weapons of mass distruction at the Harare Sports Club.