Congrats to the Canary Yellows who won the World Cup without even needing to break sweat. Big shame that the final wasn’t played in good weather over 100 overs, but getting to watch Gilchrist go mental was some compensation. Interestingly, the Sri Lankan bowlers, who had looked incredibly good against everyone else, looked ordinary when faced with the Gilchrist onslaught. I would suggest reading the Australian perspective on this, and also some analysis of his squash-ball innovation.

At least Glen McGrath can no longer darken our doors. The grump in (baggy) green has retired, disgracefully with 20+ wickets from this World Cup alone, and will go back into the bush. Batsmen around the world can breath a sigh of relief, the fans will get to see him sitting in a convertible being wheeled around the MCG when Cricket Australia celebrate their legends, and the rest of us can look forward to a more cheery replacement. See below for a picture of Glen looking grumpy.

Oh, and I have just watched the BBC’s Panaroma show looking into the murder of Bob Woolmer. 30 minutes of speculation rehashed from stories on the internet, with the major scoop being an interview with an illicit Indian bookmaker. Everything on the show had been revealed before. “Woolmer poisoned and then strangled…” we knew that weeks ago. Must be a cushy number working reworking online stories at the Beeb!

P.S. Made two not out at the weekend, batting at seven, we lost.

Grumpy Glen