So, England have – to date – in this tournament, beaten one test playing side… Bangladesh. Ireland have beaten two – Pakistan and Bangladesh – and tied a game with a team (Zimbabwe) that would still be playing test cricket if it were not for massive mismanagement of its cricket in the name of politics. Time for the England team to show its true colours and put in a performance of note. South Africa don’t have any unorthodox pace bowlers like Malinga or Tait or mysterious wrist-spinners like Hogg or Murali to confuse England during the power plays. Come on lads, time for Vaughan to show his class, time for Strauss to make big runs against the same side he dominated on their own soil, time for Kevin Pietersen to let his batting do the chatting when it comes to his former chums and time for Fred to find some horn. CricInfo has called the match the “Last Chance Saloon”, Graham Smith reckons it will be “a very explosive game”, The Village Cricketer calls it “MUST WIN”.