OK England fans, hands up. Would you prefer England to play well and lose (like they did against Sri Lanka), or play badly and win (like they did against Bangladesh)?

Despite the far-from-clinical nature of England’s victory, England have another two points and remain in the competition. In football parlance, they snuck through with a one-niller and every remaining game is like a cup final. The great Lancastrian Saj Mahmood put in a stirling performance up front, Monty Panesar was the anchor man in midfield, and Michael Vaughan – well, he is returning from injury and is yet to regain full match fitness, however he was in the right place at the right time and did make 30 – more than any of the other batsmen.

England won, which is the most important thing, without going above second gear. Plenty left in the tank, however we really could do with a Man Utd-esque seven goaler to put some fear into the oppo. If Big Ron was a cricket pundit, he would probably say that “there’s a snap about England that just isn’t there, someone in the England team will have to grab the ball (sic) by the horns.”

Paul Coupar, great cricket journalist, good lad and fellow old-Brookfieldian, writes in CricInfo that England are searching “for back-door entry”. As Han Solo said in Return of the Jedi: “Back door, eh? Good idea.”