More cricket related YouTube fun. Hours of painstaking research by yours truly now allow me to exclusively reveal the Top 10 Cricket Posts now available on YouTube. Sadly Big Dwayne’s flying catch can not be included as it was removed (“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by ICC”), however there are some classics here. So in true Channel-4-on-a-Sunday-night-stylee, grab a cold one, lock the door and make yourself comfortable as you watch cricket for free (no Sky subscription required!):

10. Borat learns cricket at Cambridge University

9. Rugby League player takes blinder in testimonial matc

8. Umpire “chucks a skitz”

7. Amazing run out from AB De Villiers

6. Ambrose 7, Canary Yellows 1 – you beauty

5. Kevin Pietersen tribute

4. Beefy smashes big Merv Hughes for 22 in an over

3. Windies rumbled for 47 (some guy called Harmison bags a few)

2. The infamous Donald v Atherton over in 1998

1. Beefy takes 5 for 1 against Australia (more Canary Yellow crumble!)