Wonderful thing the internet. Not only does it allow me to comment on the exploits of England’s finest (well England’s finest that were fit enough to take the field), it also allows me to hark back to better days with bat and ball, and to plug the exploits of the mighty Keele Reefer Association Cricket Club (still spaces left on this summer’s tour to Devon and more on that to come). I am your archetypal village cricketer. I bat a bit, bowl a bit less, and occasionally hang on to a catch or two.

I bemoan the quality of cricket journalism in the UK, wish I could play better, and would give almost everything up to land a spot commentating on Test Match Special. I annoy my wife by getting up in the small hours of the morning to watch England getting pummelled in
Australia, and base my opinions on the game almost entirely by following cricket on Sky Sports.

The purpose of this blog is to enable me to share my opinions on the most wonderful game in the world. I hope someone will enjoy them.